Normandy in North West France is an area rich in history that also offers plenty to see and do. As well as having many sights and monuments it’s also home to many picturesque French villages and some wonderfully atmospheric old cities. Add to this its proximity to the UK and you can see why it’s an ideal destination for a few days away in France.

Why visit Normandy?

Why visit Normandy?

What’s more, the four hour crossing from the UK means that short breaks in Normandy are the ideal getaway. Plus when you travel to Dieppe you’ll also find that Paris is only 2 ½ hours and Disneyland® Paris is only 2 hours and 40 minutes away by car. If you are travelling to see Mickey Mouse and friends you’ll also find we offer various Disneyland packages to save you money on tickets and accommodation.

The region is divided into Upper and Lower Normandy. The northern half is a more industrial area while to the south the economy is based more on agriculture. It is here that the dairy products that feature in much of the region’s cuisine are produced.

Food and drink play a very important part in the culture of Normandy. Although too northerly to be a wine-producing area it more than makes up for this with the drinks it makes from its apples. These include cider, perry, apple juice and calvados. It is also famous for its shellfish including oysters, mussels and scallops.

Visitors with a sweet tooth will also enjoy the pastries and breads of the area and it was even the birthplace of the brioche.
Getting there

Getting there

Catching the ferry to Normandy is easy from the UK. Cross from Dover to Dunkirk or Calais and you can access Normandy via the excellent French motorway network.

Alternatively, sail to Normandy direct and take one of our crossings from Newhaven to Dieppe to save yourself the drive!

What to see in Normandy


Mont St Michel is one of Normandy’s most celebrated attractions. With its tall walls and elegant spires sweeping upwards to the sky, it’s an exquisite sight, especially when lit up at night.

Built on a tiny granite island just off the coast, Mont St Michel is the second-most visited site after the D-Day Landing beaches and a listed UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site.

The small Norman city of Bayeux is home to the world's most famous piece of embroidery, The Bayeux Tapestry. It tells the tale of William the Conqueror’s invasion of England in 1066, and was commissioned by William’s brother for the opening of Bayeux Cathedral in 1077.

Its 58 panels are incredibly detailed. Alongside battle scenes there are depictions of everyday 11th century life. You can even see Halley’s Comet streaking across the sky in one panel - it did indeed pass by in 1066!

There are a number of Battlefields Tours and self-drive itineraries that highlight Normandy’s most significant and important battle sites. Alternatively, follow the famous Cider Route past orchards, half-timbered farmhouses and picturesque French villages – a great way to experience the rural, rustic heart of the region.

Every Normandy travel guide will also tell you to make time for a visit to Rouen, the region’s largest city. Not only is there a breathtaking cathedral, there is also a medieval quarterfilled with very sensitively restored buildings.

In fact, history is everywhere, but Normandy is also renowned for its fabulous cuisine. You can even enjoy a guided tour of where one of the region’s most famous products is made by visiting the President Cheese Farm in the heart of Camembert. On the tour you’ll be able to see the traditional method of cheese-making and be able to sample plenty of the results for yourself.

Where to stay in Normandy

There’s everything from grand hotels to comfortable and great value campsites in this region of France. Check out our partner for a selection of great value accommodation in Normandy that you can browse and book online.

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