Amsterdam Family Attractions

Amsterdam is a perfect family destination. The city is so rich in history and heritage and has so many world-class museums that it can be educational and entertaining for kids and adults alike, that’s not to mention some of the family-friendly fun that can be had in the city.

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Amsterdam Artis Zoo

Amsterdam Artis Zoo

One of Europe’s oldest zoos, Amsterdam Artis Zoo is home to almost a thousand different species of animal from all around the world, all housed in modern, well-designed and equipped environments designed to replicate their natural habitats. This makes the zoo a brilliant place for children to learn about the wild world, and see their favourite animals in the flesh.

Ideal for wildlife-lovers of all ages, the zoo is also centrally located and easy to get to, and you can also grab a bite to eat at café-restaurant de Plantage, with a wonderful sun-lounge terrace.

With our Amsterdam Zoo mini cruise​, you can enjoy a short break on our ferry, plus time spent walking, talking and squawking with the animals.

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank is one of Amsterdam’s most famous former residents, known for keeping the diary which detailed her family’s attempts to escape the horrors of the holocaust. The house where the Frank family hid has now been made into a museum, and still includes the original annex, so you can learn all about Anne Frank’s life during the Second World War.

Anne Frank House provides a humbling and important lesson from history, and can help children appreciate the true gravity of her famous diary.



Kinderkookkafe is a totally unique dining experience, and is perfect for families. At Kinderkookkafe, the kids actually help run the restaurant and get involved in making the food, setting up the restaurant and serving guests. This may sound like a recipe for disaster, but it is all run with adult supervision and assistance, and means that your kids can create a meal that they’ll be proud of, before tucking into it themselves.

It’s a fascinating and fun learning experience for kids aged 8-12, and is a great way to help teach them about food preparation, diet and nutrition. Who knows, maybe they’ll even get a taste for it!

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Science Center Nemo

Science Center NEMO

A magnificent boat-like structure, situated on the river, Science Center NEMO opens up the worlds of science and technology to children and adults alike, thanks to a series of playful and interactive exhibitions set across 5 floors.

NEMO’s sloping roof is accessible to the public, and contains an outdoor café, complete with stunning views across Amsterdam. In the summer it also becomes the city’s highest beach, with large sand pits for kids to enjoy.

Amsterdam Dungeon

Amsterdam Dungeon

Always a favourite with kids, the Amsterdam Dungeon has over 500 years of fascinating history, having housed some of the most dark and dangerous characters in the city’s past.

Inside the dungeon, a cast of actors play a host of gruesome characters, each with their own individual back story and role to play. Perhaps you’ll be sentenced by the corrupt judge, or come face-to-face with the twisted torturer?

Exciting, frightening and fun, the Dungeon is a great way for kids to learn about the history of the city in an engaging way.

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Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds

Snap a selfie with your favourite celebs at Madame Tussauds, the world-famous waxwork museum. With waxworks of some of the biggest names in show-business, as well as figures from sport, history and politics, plus information on all of the people featured, it’s a genuinely enlightening experience.

Hop into the foreground of artwork by Van Gogh, Escher or Rembrandt with the interactive art exhibition, IamArt, which even allows you to pose for a photo next to Mona Lisa herself!

You can also get your photo taken on Princess Beatrix’s throne, learn the etiquette of Dutch royalty and let you dress up like the Queen for the day.

Canal Cruises

Canal Cruises

Kids love exploring, and what better way to explore Amsterdam than by setting sail through the city’s famous canals?

With a variety of themed canal cruises, you’re sure to find one that is both relaxing for you and exciting and enthralling for the little ones, as you take in all of the most famous sights of the city in a short cruise.

Already booked? You can add canal cruises to your booking if you booked online, just head to our onboard extras page.

Amsterdam Bos

Amsterdamse Bos

Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest) is a leafy, green oasis located just outside of the city centre, and is sure to enchant children and adults alike. The Fun Forest climbing park includes rope-swings, climbing frames, suspension bridges and more, and is sure to keep kids of all ages entertained. For a more relaxing experience, cuddle and pet the goats in the Ridammerhoeve goat farm, and sample food made with the cheese they provide. You can even go swimming in the Grote Vijver, and hop in an electric boat from the miniport.


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