Amsterdam Tours

For a capital city, Amsterdam is remarkably compact and central, meaning that it is easy to explore. This means you can take a tour of the Dutch capital, taking in all of the sights and sounds, in just an hour or two. While it can be fun to wander the streets aimlessly, especially when you’re in a new city, a local guide can really help you have a memorable time abroad.

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Canal Cruises

Canal cruises

The famous canals lining the streets of the Dutch capital provide an easy way to get about and a unique view of the city. Take a themed canal cruise and you’ll be able to see the sights of the city while enjoying whatever theme it is you choose. On the pizza cruise you’ll be treated to an open bar, a delicious takeaway pizza and a dessert of Ben & Jerry’s as you sail past sights such as Anne Frank Huis, while there are also candlelit dinner, cocktail cruises and other themes available should you wish!

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Street Food Tours

Street Food Tours

Hungry Birds Street Food Tours have a simple philosophy, and that is that street food takes you right to the heart of Amsterdam, culturally and socially. Their tours take in Dutch and ethnic markets, small family-run restaurants and cafes, and bars specialising in craft beers and traditional Dutch snacks. With tours running in the morning, noon and night, you’re sure to find one to fit your break. Hungry Birds will help you discover the hidden gems behind Amsterdam’s “must see” tourist attractions and restaurants, and give you an authentic Dutch experience on your break.

Amsterdam Jewish Tour

Amsterdam Jewish Tour

Amsterdam is a city with centuries of history, and millions of different stories to be told. One of the most emotional and poignant of these stories is the story of Amsterdam’s Jewish population, which is told throughout the 3 hour Jewish Tour. Your professional Jewish guide will take you to a Portuguese synagogue built in 1675 and authentically preserved, and then to the Jewish Museum, located in former Ashkenazi synagogues. You will also see the Holocaust Memorial, which lies inside a former Second World War detention centre. The tour takes place from 10am until 1pm and can be booked from the website.

Window shopping in de Wallen

Window Shopping in De Wallen

Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District continues to fascinate tourists to this day, but Window Shopping in De Wallen is a new initiative by the council dedicated to giving new fashion designers the chance to show off their latest designs. With the creations of local designers behind the windows and in the streets, you can expect to see streetwear, couture and more, all explained by your local guides, an art historian and a fashion specialist. You’ll also be taken around the shops of Zeedijk street, which contains a number of interesting fashion stores.

Bus Tours

Bus Tours

Running from 9am until 6pm every day, the City Sightseeing Bus is a hop-on-hop-off bus tour which lets you see the city in a quick and convenient manner, perfect if you’ve not got long to explore!

There are 9 stops around the city taking in some of the city’s biggest and best attractions, including the concert hall, Anne Frank House, Museumplein and many more. Plus, with departures every 20 minutes, you’ll never be left waiting for long!

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Segway Tours

Segway Tours

Imagine gliding effortlessly through the city, but not on a bicycle, on an ultra-modern Segway!

There are a number of companies offering Segway tours in Amsterdam now, and they’re a great way to get around the Dutch capital and see the sights in a new way. With public and private group tours available, you can head out as a couple or with a group of friends for a memorable way to explore the city.

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