Other bars in Amsterdam

We’ve already looked at the best beer bars and breweries in Amsterdam​, so this is a guide to more interesting and varied bars around the Dutch capital, where you can sample cocktails, wines, spirits and more.

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Okura Hotel

Okura Hotel

One of the most upmarket bars in Amsterdam, the Okura Hotel offers high-end drinks at prices to match, but with exquisite service and a panoramic view which is unrivalled in the city. Situated on the 23rd floor of the hotel, the bar offers cocktails and a fine wine list served by waiters in spotless white gloves, to a constantly changing collection of visitors.

Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, Amsterdam. okura.nl

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Vesper Bar

Vesper Bar

It’s no surprise that the décor in Vesper Bar includes so much James Bond memorabilia; if he were a real person then he’d probably drink here. Toeing the line between kitsch and sophisticated, the bar even offers a twist on high tea at the weekend, with their high tea cocktail menu. You can even take part in cocktail workshops and learn the art of mixology for yourself, ideal for group getaways such as hen or stag parties.

Vinkenstraat 57, Amsterdam. vesperbar.nl

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Bubbles and wines

Bubbles and Wines

No prizes for guessing what’s sold in this bar…

Bubbles and Wines offers one of the finest and most diverse champagne and wine lists in the whole of Amsterdam, with over 50 different wines to try. You can even sample the wines in tasting flights, should you wish. The bar food is also spectacular and similarly high-end, such as caviar blinis, cheese platters and more.

Nes 37, Amsterdam. bubblesandwines.com

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Including the famous 12 metre high interactive art curtain, one of Europe’s largest permanent interactive art installations, this art bar manages to be cultured and interesting without being pretentious. More of a social meeting place than a bar, 5&33 also sells food which is paired with wines from the menu and has events on all year. Check out the Bloody Mary Brunch on Sundays if you feel the need to soothe a fuzzy head…

Martelaarsgracht 5, Amsterdam. 5and33.nl

Image credit: 5&33

Whisky Cafe L&B

Whisky Café L&B

Located within walking distance of Leidsplein, Whisky Café L&B is a whisky bodega, with an incredibly vast offering of whiskies from all over the world. Choose from over 1,400 whiskies from Scotland, Ireland, America and Japan and get comfortable in the small space, while the helpful and knowledgeable staff talk you through the menu and help ensure you pick the right whisky for you.

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 82, Amsterdam, Netherlands. whiskyproeverijen.nl

Image credit: Marco Verch

De Drie Fleschjes

De Drie Fleschjes

Amsterdam’s oldest Jenever tasting room, De Drie Fleschjes has been around since 1650. Located in a medieval-looking lane, the quaint and pretty surroundings will make you feel just as comfortable as the helpful staff, who will be there to guide you through the process of Jenever tasting. Locals can rent out one of the barrels on the side of the room, fill it with their favourite spirit and then bring their own key to the bar and help themselves, a neat touch which shows how popular and authentic this bar is.

Gravenstraat 18, Amsterdam. dedriefleschjes.nl​

Image credit: Bernt Rostad​


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