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Perhaps the most scenic of the Scandinavian countries, Norway is home to rugged, Nordic countryside and majestic fjords, as well as a huge, beautiful coastline. The cities are also well-developed and modern, despite being sparsely populated.

Things to see in Norway

Overview, traditions & history

Sometimes unfairly referred to as the little brother of Denmark, Norway is a fascinating​ country in its own right with an interesting and varied history. Now a modern, liberal and developed country with excellent infrastructure, many of Norway's public services are the envy of the world.

Picturesque coasts


During the winter, Norway is often bitterly cold, however this makes it perfect for winter sports such as skiing. Famously the land of the midnight sun, the further north you go in Norway, the longer the days are. In Nordkapp, the country's northernmost point, the sun is constantly visible from mid-May to mid-July. 

​Why visit Norway?

Norway A holiday in Norway offers plenty for all to do and see. With magestic snow-capped mountains, thousands of miles of rugged coastline and an abundance of fjords, simply visiting Norway is an experience in itself, and it's now even easier with our ferry services from Denmark to Norway.

Norway's fjords have been voted the best place in the world to visit by National Geographic twice – in 2004 and 2012 – so you can be sure that a trip to explore these natural wonders will be worth your while. Check out Sognefjord for one of the most spectacular areas of scenery in Europe.

Norway and its inhabitants have historically had a reputation for making the most of their natural surroundings and for being formidable explorers, from the all-conquering Vikings in ancient times to Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach to North Pole. This attitude has seen the country develop inhospitable and unfriendly terrain into adventure tourism hotspots where you can indulge in extreme sports, as well as winter-based sports such as skiing, snowboarding and more.

Make no mistake, while Norway is sparsely populated and rural, the country is by no means stuck in the past. Oslo is the very model of a cosmopolitan, liberal and multi-cultural city, which still manages to retain a character which is distinctly Norwegian.

Oslo is a small, traditional Scandinavian capital city, surrounded by lush woodlands and a breathtaking fjord, making it the perfect getaway for couples or families who love the outdoors. If you arrive in the winter, then take a sled to the locals' favourite hangout spot, Holmenkellen. In the summer, Frognerparken and the fjord are the places to be. Take a picnic with you and enjoy the fresh air and Scandinavian summer.

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