The most typically Scandinavian of the Scandinavian countries, Sweden is rugged, rural, rough and ready, but also home to magnificent cities such as Stockholm or Malmö and sunny Baltic beaches.

Overview, traditions & history

Perhaps most famous in the UK as the home of ABBA, meatballs and Ikea, Sweden has a fascinating history all its own.
You will find vast, sparsely populated stretches of land with dense forests and national parks, while the cities are laid-back and liberal, yet clean and efficient with progressive public services available.            

Picturesque Sweden


One of the major differences between Sweden and Great Britain is the sense of space, especially in the north of the country. Sweden is twice the size of Britain, but its population is only around 9 million. The north of the country is home to craggy mountainsides and vast, snowy wasteland, while the south has sunny beaches and the urban centres which are home to most of the population.

Why visit Sweden?

Sweden Sweden is a fun, yet relaxing place to visit no matter what time of year you visit. In the summer, head to the urban centres to discover fun filled theme parks, interactive museums, gracious manor houses and ancient castles, while in the winter you can take advantage of the wild landscapes for more outdoor pursuits than you could possibly fit into one trip - you might even consider going on holidays to Sweden again! 

The capital, Stockholm, is a bundle of islands loosely organised into one urban centre. With majestic manors and medieval monuments to discover, as well as striking, modern architecture that is among the most cutting-edge in the world. The city is one of the most beautiful in Europe, with the deep blue of the water reflecting the city’s wonderful buildings and gleaming in the sun as it does.
Stockholm is traditional and progressive at the same time, the architecture may be classic and medieval, but the inhabitants are vibrant, international and multi-cultural. The nightlife is lively and areas such as Kungsholmen are packed full of trendy eateries and bars for young and old.

Other impressive cities include Malmö and Gothenburg or the university towns of Uppsala and Lund for younger visitors. 
From ancient castles to historic cities, Sweden's rich cultural landscape will charm at every turn. Perhaps better known though for its immense forests and thousands of lakes, this land is an idyllic backdrop for a lazy summer escape. Whether you choose the great outdoors in a cabin by a lake, or a skiing holiday in the mountains, Sweden is a natural wonderland for kids which is safe, civilised and surprisingly warm.


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