Chateaux Of The Loire

France’s Loire Valley is one of the country’s most naturally beautiful regions, and is also home to some of its most spectacular man-made attractions too, with wonderful chateaux dotting the landscape.

Just a short drive from our port in Dieppe, the Loire Valley is the ideal place to explore the history of France, with gorgeous chateaux and gardens to explore.

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Chateaux of the Loire

Chateaux of the Loire

The Loire Valley is home to a magnificent array of over 100 Chateaux built across the length of the Loire River. Consisting of a wide variety of Renaissance architecture, many of the existing Chateaux are regenerations of important forts and castles which date back to the 9th century!

Chateau Chaumont dates back to the 10th century and is home to a magnificent museum, while the Chateau in Angers hosts wonderful tapestries and was once a prestigious military academy attended by royalty.

Chateau Chenonceau is one of the most iconic chateaux in the region and is the most popular with tourists, although a must-visit from those in the know is Villandry, which was once owned by the family of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Image credit: ©FCharel_CRTCentreValdeLoire

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