Flanders.​​ A modern masterpiece

The region of Flanders covers Belgium’s Dutch-speaking northern realm. From the 15th to the 17th century, the Flemish School of art, or the Northern Renaissance, was born. It saw artists such as Jan van Eyck and Pieter Bruegel the Elder creating oil based paintings that stretched from royal portraits to religious depictions to peasant scenes.

In a tribute to this renowned genre, we have worked with Visit Flanders to create a Modern Masterpiece based on the work of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. In the painting you’ll find a host of Flemish icons, from arched bridges to gabled houses, can you spot them all?

We have 3 routes to the continent that offer fantastic access to Flanders, so you can choose the perfect option for you.

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Dover-France: Price based on Dover-Dunkirk ferry crossing.

flanders rooftops

The Landscape of Flanders

Our Modern Masterpiece includes some of the most iconic Flemish images. You will find 17th century gabled houses all over Flanders, including in Antwerp, Brussels and Bruges. 

The gabled style includes a pediment at the summit, which can be step-gabled, curve-gabled or otherwise. Many of Flanders’s towns and cities are made up of meandering canals, such as Ghent and Bruges. These winding waterways can only be fully appreciated with a boat trip along the tranquil waters.

Arched bridges can be seen across Flanders. Often used to bridge the pathways between the charming canals, arched bridges are incredibly popular in Bruges and Ghent and can date back hundreds of years.

flanders water and church

What else can you see?

As well as architecture and landscape, our Modern Masterpiece looks at some of the favourite past times of the residents of Flanders. For example, cycling is a favourite sport in the region. 

Many locals and holiday-goers utilise the stunning cycle paths that guide you through the stunning Flemish countryside. There’s a music scene and a food truck hidden in there, too, to celebrate Flanders’ festival season, as well as chocolatiers and beer barrels as a tribute to the local gastronomy. 

You can even spot some of the famed structures and monuments of the region, such as the modernist MAS museum and gothic Cathedral of Our Lady, both in Antwerp, and the medieval Gravesteen Castle in Ghent.

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Our ferry crossings

Travelling to Flanders couldn’t be easier with a DFDS ferry crossing to Europe. Choose between our Dover to Dunkirk and Calais routes, ideal if you’re head to the continent from the south, or our overnight Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry crossing, perfect for those coming from the north and Scotland. 

Our Dover to France ferries take less than 2 hours and from there you are just a 1-hour drive to Flanders. Alternatively, our overnight crossing to Amsterdam places you just 2 hours from Flanders by car.

flanders fountain statue

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Our Modern Masterpiece is based on the artistic style of one of the most popular artists of the Flemish School. Think you know who it is? Enter our prize draw to win a return ferry crossing from either Newcastle-Amsterdam, Dover-Dunkirk and Calais, as well as ​a 2-night hotel stay and an Antwerp Baroque Festival Card.

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