Newhaven-Dieppe Crossing With Wildlife Watching

Until 8 September join experts from ORCA, one of the UK’s leading marine conservation charities, as they teach you all about the marine life in our local waters. You may even get the chance to spot some for yourself, too!

  • Opportunity to see dolphins, whales, porpoise & more
  • Games & activities for all ages
  • All activities and deck watching are free

​​​​ORCA experts can be found on the following departures, Wednesday to Sunday from 5 June - 8 September 2019 : Dieppe to Newhaven – 12.30pm CET & Newhaven to Dieppe – 17.30pm BST

What to expect

When onboard with our ORCA officers, you will have the opportunity to learn all about the local marine wildlife in the English Channel, as well the important conservation work that will help us protect the marine environment. It’s perfect for nature lovers and families, with activities for all ages and plenty of educational kids’ games.​​

dolphins in the sea DFDS

What you might see

Head out on your deck with the ORCA wildlife experts and you can keep an eye out for any of the local marine life that can be spotted in the English Channel. You may spot bottlenose dolphins, harbour porpoise, minke whales and white-beaked dolphins. There is also a wide array of seabirds to be seen, too.

shopping onboard DFDS

Onboard facilities

Ensure the full experience of maritime travel on a ferry crossing from Newhaven-Dieppe. Hungry? Our self-service restaurant services up filling hot meals, and lighter bites, from morning until night. Alternatively, venture upstairs to the Beachy Head Bar for a few drinks alongside stunning sea views. See if anything catches your eye in the onboard shop, including fantastic offers on French wines. There’s a children’s play area, too, as well as arcade games, perfect if you’re bringing the little ones along.

What's onboard​

Continue your adventure

Arriving into France, you will have a vast range of activities at your disposal that will help you further your understanding of marine wildlife. Alligator Bay, at the foot of Mont Saint-Michel, is an alligator glass-house. The attraction holds 200 alligators and crocodiles for you to observe before exploring the ancient monastery. Alternatively, head north to the Baie de Somme where you can see seals and seabirds in the natural habitat. If you just want to get in the water yourself, Normandy has plenty of water sports available for all ages.

France travel guide​

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