Checking-in & Boarding information: Newhaven-Dieppe

If you’re taking one of our sailings from Newhaven to Dieppe, then you’ll have to check-in and board the ship at the Port of Newhaven.

We do our best to ensure your trip is all smooth sailing. Everything is well signed and checking in is made as simple as possible, but we want to make sure you feel comfortable before you join us on your trip. Read about or checking-in and boarding procedures below.

Getting there

The address of the Newhaven port is:

Newhaven Ferry Port
Railway Approach
East Sussex

More information about the facilities and directions to the port is available here​.

On arrival

Once you arrive at Newhaven port, you will need to check-in. All vehicles are checked in via the vehicle check in booths. You will need your passport and booking confirmation here. The staff often conduct spot vehicle security and immigration checks. Don’t worry. Simply follow their instructions and this should take no longer than a few minutes.

Vehicle passengers do not need to enter the terminal, but you can if you would like to use the toilets or café.

A vehicle marshal will direct you to a specific car lane, depending on the size of your car, whether or not you have a wheelchair and whether or not you will need assistance onboard. For this you will need your passport and booking confirmation. You will then need to pass through immigration.

If you are travelling with pets then please make sure they comply with the conditions of our pet travel procedure. You can find out more information on this page below, or on our pet travel page​.


Cars, caravans & motorhomes

If you are travelling in a car, caravan or motorhome you should follow the signs to check-in and arrive no later than 45 minutes before departure. 

You will have to show your passports also at check-in, so please have them to hand. Please remove passports from covers.

If you require the lift, have a wheelchair, need onboard assistance or have a pet with you, you will receive a paper hanger at check-in to hang from your rear view mirror. 

This hanger also details your boarding lane. Follow the signs to your boarding lane and when you have parked up please switch off your engine.

If you do not require a hanger, staff will direct you onboard the ferry and instruct you where to park. 

Once you have parked, turn off the engine, put it into first gear, engage the hand brake and turn off the alarm.

Please take note of which deck you are on (each deck is numbered), so it will be easier to find your vehicle when you have to disembark. 

At the time of disembarkation, simply get into your vehicle and drive off the ship when instructed.


Motorbikes & bicycles

The procedure for motorbikes and bicycles are the same as cars, caravans and motorhomes. At check-in you will receive your boarding documentation.

At check-in you will be directed to lane 8, the motorcycle and bicycle lane. You will check-in here, so have your passport and documents ready, before passing through immigration. You may be subjected to spot security checks. Simply follow the instructions of the staff and it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Cyclists can shelter from the weather in the terminal, however bicycles themselves are not allowed in the terminal building. When embarkation begins, announcements will be made on the PA system.

Once you board the ship, staff will show you where to park and arrange for your motorbike be strapped and secured for the crossing.

For safety reasons please dismount your bicycle and walk onto the ship. Once onboard you will find a bike rack to secure your bicycle.

When disembarking, please walk with your bicycle. You will be directed off the ship using the disembarkation ramp. When returning home the process in France will be the same.

Pet travel

Travelling with pets

You must ensure your pets comply with our pet travel procedure. At check-in you will receive a paper hanger to hang from your rear view mirror.

If you are travelling with a vehicle, your pets will need to remain in your car for the short journey. If you are travelling as a foot passenger with a dog it will be transferred to a suitable kennel once onboard. On arrival in port, a company vehicle will transfer you and your pet to and from the ship to the terminal. Dogs are permitted inside the terminal buildings if securely caged and are no danger to other passengers, with the exception of Registered Assistance Dogs. If you carry an animal other than a cat or dog, you must ensure the animal is securely housed in a suitable box or cage.

For more information, head to our pet travel page​.

Foot passengers

Foot passengers

On arrival at port, foot passengers should report to the check-in desks inside the terminal building.

Please present your booking confirmation and passports to the staff.

When it is time to board, you will be transported by bus from the terminal to the ship. 

When you disembark, a bus will also transport you from ship to terminal.


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