Important information for passengers travelling with a hot air balloon equipment on our Dover-France routes

Our procedures have always permitted tourist vehicles to carry upto 47kg of Propane in any number of cylinders. Following a recent shipment and speaking with both the British Balloon and Airship Club and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) DFDS have extended this exemption to these tourist vehicles.

​ Vehicles carrying hot air balloon equipment (for private use) are permitted to carry the following;

  • Up to 47kg of a class 2.1 flammable gas (usually propane or butane)
  • A small canister of class 2.2 non-flammable gas (usually helium – this is used for weather balloons so they can assess the wind conditions before launch)
  • Fire extinguishers for use in the operation of the balloon

All of the equipment carried on these vehicles conform to very strict safety standards as they come under the CAA aviation regulations as they are considered aircraft.

The MCA Marine Guidance Notice (MGN320) exemption states that the shipping operator should be informed by a customer when carrying the above equipment. Therefore it is important that DFDS is informed at the check-in stage then the loading team can inform the vessel so they are aware (in case of an incident onboard).