Fall in love with Keukenhof

This outstanding flower garden attracts international attention, boasting 50 million visitors since it opened in 1949.

Set amongst a natural landscape, rather than a botanical garden, the mixture of nature and imposed design come together in a beautiful relationship of century old, overgrown trees alongside perfectly pruned tulips and flowing fountains.

In fact, tulips take on a life of their own at this magnificent park. You can learn all about their fascinating origins and history in the Tulpomania exhibition this year. You can even christen your own bulb, planting your roots into Keukenhof for years to come.

With events ranging from Romance at Keukenhof to Holland Heritage Week, there never is a dull moment. However, if you’ve come here to relax you can do so simply by weaving your way round the gardens, taking in the beautiful scents and listening to the birdsong in the trees above your head.

The slow sounds of the meandering river that feeds the rich soil becomes meditative music as you complete your journey round the fields. If a peaceful journey down the river appeals, why not take the Whisper boat ride? The serenity is just divine.

Once you’re done head to any of the exhibition areas for a nice bite to eat at the restaurants. After all that walking, you’ll have raised quite the appetite! 


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