Two new ferries joining our Newcastle – Amsterdam route!

E​arly 2020, we will see two new ships joining our Newcastle – Amsterdam route. It means we have to say goodbye to our beloved King and Princess Seaways, however, we are excited to be introducing the two new ferries. They will have a higher car-deck capacity which brings more opportunities for you to reach your destination.
  • New modern facilities
  • Luxurious cabins
  • Same sailing schedule
  • Higher car-deck capacity
More details to follow soon so stay tuned!

​ FAQ​

​General Information​

Are the ships new build or just new to this route?

​​Moby Wonder is 15 years old and Moby Aki is 19 years old. DFDS bought the vessels from Italian shipping company, Moby Lines. They will be fully refurbished and upgraded to DFDS standards before they join the Newcastle - Amsterdam route. King Seaways and Princess Seaways  will be sold to Moby Lines.

Will you still be offering the same trips to Amsterdam but just on different ferries?

​We will continue with the same sailing schedule on the same route, only with the new bigger ships. Therefore, the sailing times will also stay the same.

Are any new routes planned?

​No, not in the foreseeable future.

Will there be a farewell event?

​There is nothing planned for this.​

What happens to the staff – will they stay on the new ships?

​The crew from King and Princess will move to the new vessels.

Will there be changes to the harbour?

​Some minor adjustments will have to be made in both ports to accommodate the new cruise ferries. 

Will there be a new gangway/shore power?

​We may need to adjust or rebuild the gangways in both ports. We are currently reviewing this. We are also looking into the possibilities for shore power.​

Facilities on board

Is there space to walk outside on the deck?

​Yes, the outside upper deck is accessible for passengers.

Will there be single cabins?

​Yes, there will be cabins available for single use.

Do they have electric car charging points on the car deck?

​No, charging points on the car deck will not be available.

Will the two new ships offer pet friendly cabins?

Yes, there will be dedicated pet friendly cabins. There will also be a seperate deck with a litter tray to ensure your pet has everything it needs. Pets cannot be kept in the car or in onboard kennels anymore.

Are there commodore cabins on the ships?

Yes, there will be commodore cabins on board both ships. The Commodore Lounge will not return.

Will there still be an ORCA observation deck with wildlife officers onboard?

Yes, there will be an ORCA lounge with sea views on board.

Will there still be a cinema and arcade?

Yes, there will be a cinema, an arcade and a dedicated kids area on board.

Will there be wheelchair accessible cabins on board?

Yes, on both ships we will have wheelchair accessible cabins on board.​

Will there be any changes to the cabins?

​​The cabins will be more spacious and most of them will have space for a double bed and a 3 person bunkbed.

Will there be any changes to the restaurants and bars on board?

Current restaurant and bar facilities will move to the new ship. The Columbus Club and Navigator's Bar will be upgraded to a two story seaview facility. ​​​
​​​​​​​​​​​My booking

What is happening with existing bookings for next year with commodore cabins?

​We will try to find solutions for everybody who has booked their crossings for next year. We will contact all customers directly as soon as we have relevant information.


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