All of us here at DFDS are proud to announce that from February 2016 we will have 2 new vessels operating on our route between Dover and Calais​ - the Côte des Dunes and the Côte des Flandres, following their recent refurbishment.

We acquired the ships in 2015 and for over two months the ships have been undergoing a transformation at the Damen shipyard in Dunkirk. Both ships have been repainted externally in their new DFDS livery, using the latest DFDS colour palette and logo. We have also overhauled the thrusters and rudders, the steelwork on the hull and engines, as well as dismantling and totally rebuilding the ships’ interior.

Onboard, the ships will have excellent facilities which fit the DFDS standard, including the 7 Seas restaurant, the Horizon Snack Bar with the Pirates’ Island play area for children and the Lighthouse Café. There’s also a Premium Lounge for customers looking for extra privacy and a Road Kings area exclusively for commercial drivers. Find out more about the onboard facilities.

The ships will have a maximum capacity of 1,500 passengers, 400 cars and 2,000 lane metres of freight and will sail 10 times per day (5 times in each direction), increasing the number of daily sailings on this route from 20 to 30.

Take a look at the photos below showing the works taking place at the shipyard.


InfographicTechnical Details:

Length: 186m

Width: 28m

Cruising speed: 25 Knots

Engine output: 4 x engines, total Power 39,000 KW

Passengers: 1,500

Cars: 400

Year built: Côte Des Flandres – 2004 / Côte Des Dunes - 2001

Refurbished: 2016


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