Buffet Restaurant

January 2018 will see the introduction of some new and exciting restaurant concepts onboard our Newcastle-Amsterdam route. After hearing your feedback, we’ve decided to change our buffet restaurant to suit you better, renaming it Explorer’s Kitchen. It’s still going to be all-you-can-eat for breakfast and dinner, but there’ll be a range of new evening dishes for you to enjoy.

​Plus, when you pre-book an adult evening meal or breakfast you’ll save up to 34% compared to onboard prices (saving varies according to the exchange rate).​

All-you-can-eat buffet dinner prices

​2017 pre book 2017 onboard​ 2018 pre book​ 2018 onboard​
Adults (12+)​​£26​€34,90​£18​€29,95
Children (4-11)​£13​€17,95​£13.50​€14,95​
​Infants 3 & under​Free​Free​Free​Free

All-you-can-eat buffet breakfast prices

​​ ​2017 pre book ​2017 onboard ​2018 pre book ​2018 onboard
Adults (12+)​£11.50​€15,95£9​​€13,95
​Children (4-11)​£5.75​€7,75£6.30​​€6,95​
​Infants 3 & under​Free​Free​FreeFree​

Buffet dinner

7 Seas (available until late Jan 2018)

The 7 Seas buffet style restaurant is our most popular eatery, serving a delicious range of freshly cooked dishes. Choose from up to 80 dishes every evening. And remember, as its all-you-can-eat you can come back for more as many times as you like!

Choose from soups and salads, seafood, delicious canapés, cold meats, two daily roasts, fresh bread baked onboard and more. There’s also a children’s section, as well as a European cheese and dessert selection.​

Buffet breakfast

Explorer’s Kitchen (available from late Jan 2018)

Our head chefs have sailed the seas for more than 60 years combined, tasting delicious local dishes around the world. Now they have put together an international buffet of their favourites. ​

What’s your favourite dish? At Explorer’s Kitchen you can choose from a range of tasty international dishes including American and BBQ to Spanish tapas, Mediterranean and spicy Indian. There are options for veggies and vegans, too, delicious salads and a tantalising selection of desserts.


Buffet breakfast

Buffet Breakfast

Offering both cooked and continental options, choose from around 40 dishes every morning at our breakfast buffet. It’s all-you-can-eat, too, and you can go up to the buffet table as often as you like. Whether you’re looking for a cooked breakfast, or something lighter like cereal, toast, fruit or fresh bread, our buffet breakfast is perfect for everyone.

Note: Savings are available by pre-booking and saving varies according to the exchange rate.


​​​​​​Prices are subject to availability. Credit card & telephone booking fees apply. ​Terms & Conditions apply.


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