Coffee Crew Café​ | Newcastle - Amsterdam

Get onboard and smell the coffee. What will it be – an iced Frappuccino or a hot cup of tea? Choose from the Starbucks® menu and the day’s freshly baked goods. Right by the play area, our Coffee Crew café is a great spot for everyone to hang out.

Onboard Cafe

Find your perfect coffee

Our crew have been through an extensive barista course, learning how to grind, brew and steam your desired choice of barista coffee. We proudly serve Starbucks® Coffee and other hot drinks from early morning to late in the evening.

cofee and muffins


Serving up some seriously sweet treats, head to Coffee Crew and indulge a little. Why not? You are on holiday. Wash it down with your favourite Starbucks®​ drink, whether that is a cappuccino, latte, tea, hot chocolate or the famous Frappuccino.

​​​​​​Prices are subject to availability. Telephone booking fees apply. ​Terms & Conditions apply.


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