Cinema onboard newcastle to amsterdam

Catch the latest latest movies in our 2 onboard cinemas. Our selection of films are updated frequently to include the most recent cinema releases. There’s always a mix suitable for all ages and tastes, including at least one family-friendly film option.

Tickets are all priced at €8.50 and can be purchased from the Guest Service Centre onboard. You can also buy popcorn, nachos and soft drinks for that authentic movie experience! Infants aged 3 and under are free.

Princess Seaways Screenings

​​Time (CET)​Screen 1​Screen 2
​19:00​Toy Story 4​Aladdin
​21:00​Yesterday​Spider-Man: Far From Home
​23:00​Men in​​ Black: International​Anna

King Seaways Screenings

​​Time (CET)​Screen 1​Screen 2
​19:00​Lion King​Toy Story 4
​21:00​Spider-Man: Far From Home​Aladdin
​23:00Men in​​ Black: International​​Yeste​rday

​​​​​​Prices are subject to availability. Telephone booking fees apply. ​Terms & Conditions apply.


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