Partnership opportunities with DFDS

If you and your company would like to become a partner with DFDS, or just have a chat to explore partnership opportunities with us, then click the relevant link below.

Who are DFDS?

DFDS are the World and Europe’s Leading Ferry Operator and we operate up to 62 daily sailings between the UK and Europe each day, across 4 separate routes; Newhaven to Dieppe, Dover to Dunkirk and Calais and Newcastle to Amsterdam. We are also the only ferry operator with 2 routes to France from Dover.

Aside from the UK routes we also operate a number of routes across Europe, including in Germany, Scandinavia and the Baltics.

How to become a partner

If you are an affiliate website who can sell DFDS crossings and packages via your website, then please select “affiliates” below. If you are a travel agent who would like to deal with DFDS, select “travel agents” below.

For all other partnership opportunities or queries, please select “partnerships” below.


We are Europe’s Leading Ferry Operator 2012-2018 & the World’s Leading Ferry Operator 2011-2018!​​