​Attrac​tions in Belgium

Belgium is world-renowned for its thriving chocolate industry as well as other culinary delights such as waffles and moules et frites, but it has plenty more to offer. The historic cities of Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent are overflowing with medieval buildings and typical Belgian architecture, and are equal to any of the great cities of Europe. Belgium also boasts some areas of beautiful countryside with its hilly, wooded south and rolling farmland in the north.

Getting there is as easy as taking one of our car ferries to Dunkirk, Calais followed by a short drive over the border. If you are travelling from Newcastle to Amsterdam, Belgium is an easy 85 mile drive from our port in IJmuiden. Then you’re free to explore all that this small, but perfectly-formed, country has to offer.

The Grote Markt or Great Market Square in Antwerp

The Belfry of Bruges

One of Bruges' most prominent landmarks, the Belfry is a historic bell tower that looms over the market square in the centre of the city. Dating from the medieval era, this impressive building once functioned as the main town hall. Climbing up the 366 narrow steps to the top of the belfry is a must-do activity while in Bruges and the views from the top are well worth the effort. ​

The In Flanders' Fields Museum in Ypres, Belgium

The Battlefields of Flanders

The Battlefields of Flanders around Ypres are not only important historically but are a major pilgrimage site for many visitors. Preserved trenches run for kilometres around the town of Ypres and are a solemn reminder of the lives lost in the First World War. You can also visit the vast cemeteries where thousands of soldiers that died in the battles were laid to rest. ​

Bernt Rostad (https://www.flickr.com/photos/brostad/)

The Gravensteen Castle in Ghent


This fairy-tale castle in Ghent originated in the Middle Ages and its name means "castle of the counts" in Dutch. Its high walls loom over the river Lieve in the centre of the old town and it dominates the landscape with its impressive size. Visitors can climb the steep steps to the roof to see a stunning panoramic view over the whole city.​

Antwerp City Hall

Grand Place

Antwerp's Grand Place (Grote Markt) sits in the the heart of the old town and is surrounded by some of the city's grandest and most historical buildings. The Town Hall that was built between 1561 and 1565 dominates one side of the square and the Brabo Fountain erected in 1887 sits in the centre of the square and depicts Antwerp's most famous legend: that of the mythical hero Brabo.​

Seb Ruiz (https://www.flickr.com/photos/sebr/)

Brussels City Centre

Mechelen Old Town

Mechelen is a small, historic city that lies between Antwerp and the capital, Brussels. As well as being the centre of the Flemish arts, it's filled with fascinating heritage and traditional architecture and has even more listed buildings per square metre than Bruges. With Belgium's foremost cathedral, a superb central square and a scattering of intriguing museums, Mechelen is one of Belgium's most underrated cities.​

Statue of the Van Eyck brothers

Cathedral of Saint Bavo

Ghent's Cathedral of St Bavo stands at 89 metres tall and is an iconic landmark in this historic city. The cathedral is noted for housing Hubert and Jan van Eyck's masterpiece, the Ghent Altar, or The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, which is one of the most important artworks of the early Northern Renaissance. The cathedral also boasts an enormous Romanesque crypt containing numerous tombs and some impressive wall paintings. ​


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