Battlefields in Europe

Nothing brings history alive more vividly than visiting the places where it was made. A tour around Europe’s battlefields helps to understand the physical and strategic challenges faced by the soldiers and the generals. These are the fields where men triumphed or fell and the graves of those who never returned stand as reminders of all those who gave their lives.

Considering its size, Europe has been home to some huge conflicts, including large portions of both world wars, as well as medieval conflicts between mighty empires. All of this makes it a fascinating destination for history buffs interested in seeing battlefields first-hand.

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Battlefields in France


France has borne witness to some of the greatest battles ever fought, and hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost there. 

From the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 where the French army was defeated by the British, to the First and Second World Wars where the British and French fought side-by-side - many of these battlefields have remained undisturbed and you can now visit hundreds of memorials, war grave cemeteries, museums and trenches that serve to remind us of those fallen heroes.

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Battlefields in Germany


There’s a fantastic selection of historic sites in Germany and you can plan some great trips around the battlefields of the 20th century. The Battle of Hürtgen Forest was one of the longest battles on German soil in the Second World War and is the perfect place to start your journey. 

You can also explore the Siegfried Line that stretched for more than 390 miles and featured more than 18,000 bunkers, tunnels and tank traps. Germany is filled with historical monuments and remnants from the two world wars, so it’s well worth a visit.

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Battlefields in Holland


It may be a small country, but Holland is rich in history and has many interesting battlefields, military museums and war cemeteries which archive Holland’s intriguing history. 

From ancient times to the Battle of Waterloo and the two world wars, the Dutch have been involved in many conflicts, so a tour of its historical battlefields really brings its history to life. 

Visit the bridge at Arnhem, which was a key site for Operation Market Garden during the second world war, and Overloon, which was the site of one of the conflict’s fiercest tank battles.

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Battlefields in Belgium


Belgium is one of the most fascinating nations in Europe and boasts some truly beautiful countryside in its hilly, wooded south and likewise in the flatter north. With three official languages, an intense regional rivalry between the Flemish-speaking north and the French-speaking south, and France, Germany and Britain around it, it’s no surprise that there are many battlefields to be visited across this small country.

Visit Waterloo Battlefield, the setting of one of the most famous battles in British military history, and the Ypres Salient, the setting for some of the bloodiest battles on the First World War’s Western Front.

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