Beer in Europe

With the rise and rise of craft beer and brewing culture in the UK, many are eager to take their enthusiasm and passion for high-quality beer on their holidays. Well, if you’re a true beer lover, you’re in luck!

Just a short ferry ride across the Channel and you can experience some of the oldest and best-loved brewing centres in the world. Germany and Belgium boast what many consider the finest breweries found anywhere, France has gone craft beer mad in recent years and Holland is the European country of choice for pale lagers.

Beers in Germany


Raucous beer halls, modern bars, tasty wurst and rousing oompah music: Germany really is a beer drinker’s mecca. Whether you’re visiting the heart of Berlin, the brewing capital of Munich or a hundred other German villages, towns and cities, there are drinks and cultural experiences to tickle the fancy of every type of beer enthusiast.

Beers in Belgium


Steeped in monastic tradition and with an admirable dedication to quality, Belgium’s brewing tradition has given rise to over 150 breweries now dotted across this tiny European country. From Trappist abbeys to the cafes of Brussels and Bruges, beer drinkers will be spoilt for choice in almost every location they care to visit.

Beers in Holland


Despite being somewhat overshadowed by the monolithic brewing cultures of its neighbours, Germany and Belgium, visitors shouldn’t be fooled into thinking Holland has nothing to offer the consummate beer aficionado. As well as the fantastic canal-side bars of Amsterdam and the craft beer breweries found in many major cities, beer tourists should definitely make time to tour the spiritual home of exported Dutch beer: The Heineken Factory.

Beers in France


With craft beer having the same kind of renaissance in France as it is in the UK, there is more to this vast country than just its world-class wine. With festivals throughout the year and a new craft brewery opening every month, France could well be the next powerhouse in independent brewing.


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