Chocolate in Holland

With the artisanal chocolate powerhouses of France and Belgium nearby, it would be easy to disregard Holland if you’re planning a chocolate-filled holiday. However, countless sweet delights await enthusiastic chocolate aficionados in Holland, especially in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.

You can take one of our overnight car ferries direct from Newcastle to Amsterdam, or sail from southern England to Dieppe, Calais or Dunkirk and make Amsterdam the final destination in your chocolate tour of northern Europe – with DFDS the choice is yours!

Puccini Bomboni

Puccini Bomboni

Arguably the best chocolates in the whole of the Netherlands can be found in this delightful café and restaurant. 

The chocolatiers at Puccini Bomboni hand-make every single chocolate on the premises, combining fresh ingredients with the finest chocolates and spices to create unexpected and surprising combinations. And though the variety on offer is limited, their creations are of the highest quality found anywhere.

Image credit: Bernachon - Ricardo​

Unlimited Delicious

Unlimited Delicious

Opened in 1990, Unlimited Delicious is famous throughout Holland for its chocolate collection. With such exotic creations as lemon and beer bonbons, tamarind sambal and their famous brownie-bottomed caramel and balsamic chocolate pie, Unlimited Delicious is far more than just a top-quality chocolatier. The staff at Unlimited Delicious even offer individual and group chocolate and bonbon making workshops, so you can make your own delicious treats when you return home.



With over 50 impressive and delicious creations on offer, ArtiChoc is a must-visit for chocoholics paying a visit to Amsterdam. Much like its rival Unlimited Delicious, this creative chocolatier team specializes in combining exotic flavours to produce unexpected and heavenly inventions. At ArtiChoc you’ll find chocolate acorns, mushrooms and pumpkins, as well as bonbons making use of pine-nuts, honey, whisky and basil.

Metropolitan Chocolate

Metropolitan chocolate

You’ll find Dutch chocolatier Kees Raat's shop close to Amsterdam’s Red Light District, but don’t let this incongruous location put you off. Specialising in pure, high-quality chocolates and incredible ice creams, Metropolitan continues the Dutch chocolatiers’ obsession with experimental chocolate inventions. Here you can sample chocolate bacon, brownie sandwiches and chocolate spoons – and all can be eaten on-site, or packed up in a quaint brown box and enjoyed later, or even given as gifts.



If you’re looking to add a little learning to your chocolate tour of Amsterdam, join in one of the workshops hosted by Mark and Marieke Vesseur at SugarStars. 

Hosted every Saturday, these accomplished chocolatiers and professional cake decorators will take you through the basics of creating your favourite sweet treats and making your baked desserts look amazing – plus, you get to take your creations home with you!

Chocoa Festival

Chocoa Festival

Held over two days in February, the Chocoa festival takes place in the heart of Amsterdam and offers days full of flavor and entertainment. With over 50 stands full to the brim with chocolate goodies from across the globe, and wine, coffee and craft beer to enjoy alongside them, Chocoa is an ideal weekend event for chocolate-loving tourists. Meet world-class chocolate experts, taste hundreds of chocolates from patissiers and chocolatiers and learn all about the journey chocolate takes from bean to bar.


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