Cycling in Europe

Europe is the birthplace of the bicycle and its long-standing love affair with pedal power is in evidence throughout the greenways and alpine mountain passes that crisscross the entire continent.

There are thousands of routes for adventurous holidaymakers looking to get on their bikes and feel the wind in their hair as they soak up all the culture and adventure Europe has to offer.

So, if you fancy strapping on some panniersgetting your lycra out and losing yourself in romantic countryside and scenic city tours, check out our tips for staying safe while making the most of your cycling holiday in Europe.


Cyc​ling in France

​France is the home of the Tour De France and famed for its broad variety of terrainscenery. Whether it’s rolling farmland, alpine climbs or remote woodland, France has something to offer any cycling holidaymaker, from relaxing family days out to long range cross-country adventures.


Cycling in Belgium

The Belgians take their cycling seriously, and provide for cyclists accordingly. Cyclists vising Belgium will find well-marked bike lanes in both cities and on main rural roads as well as breath-taking countryside and incredible monuments dotted throughout this welcoming country. ​​​


Cycling in Germany

With hundreds of cycling routes and a well maintained infrastructure for cyclists, Germany could be the perfect destination for your two-wheeled tour. Hop on your bike and get a new perspective on cities like Berlin, or venture into the Black Forest for a true wilderness escape.

Cycling in Holland

Cycling in Holland

There is nearly one bike for everya bike for nearly every single person in the Netherlands, showing that Holland is a country truly in love with the bicycle. The flat landscape, excellent cycling amenities, bustling cities and countless scenic routes make it the perfect place for a holiday spent on the saddle.


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