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We all enjoy letting go and treating ourselves when we're on holiday, and with so much fantastic cuisine all across Europe, where better to head for a delicious, decadent break?

Of course, there are also many countries in Europe who are world-famous and renowned for their alcohol, whether that is German beer or French wine and champagne, so we've compiled some of the best of the best in our handy travel guides. ​​



Chocolate is one of life's simple pleasures, and Europe has had a rich heritage in producing quality chocolate for centuries. With a huge number of artisan chocolate shops, manufacturers and museums dedicated to the sweet stuff, you can plan a tour and visit the best the continent has to offer, or just treat yourself to a little something as you pass.

Fancy a pint?

Fancy a pint?

Europeans certainly know their beers. With world-class breweries in Holland,Germany and Belgium, beer connoisseurs with a passion for exciting tipples or those just looking to try something new can enjoy tastings, tours and festivals with enough variety to keep you coming back for more.

Amsterdam food guide

Amsterdam Food Guide

Amsterdam serves up dishes from across the world in a multitude of restaurants throughout the capital. Don’t know what you fancy? Our food guide breaks it all down for you.​



France’s reputation for great wine precedes itself, but there are also exceptional vineyards in Germany which have been quietly producing brilliant wine by the bottle for generations.


Between Holland and France, western Europe can lay claim to 2 of the most famous cheese-producing countries in the world. Whether you’re partial to brie, edam, gouda or camembert.


Champagne is most commonly associated with France, for obvious reasons, but you can find fantastic champagne outside of the Champagne region too, here are some of the best places to find a bottle of the fizzy stuff.


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