Amsterdam Food Guide

Boasting over 1000 restaurants, Holland’s capital does not disappoint when it comes to gastronomy. The multicultural nature of Amsterdam means that, although there is a well-established Dutch cuisine in the area, you’ll also find food from every corner of the planet. Discover it all with the DFDS Food Guide.

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Taste of the traditional

A Taste of the Traditional

If you’re the kind of tourist who likes to immerse their taste buds in local dishes, check out the best Dutch restaurants in the Amsterdam.

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A Herbivore's Paradise

A Herbivore’s Paradise

Vegans, rest easy. Amsterdam is jam-packed with vegan options, with more than just a few vegan and veggie eateries.

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Capital dining

Capital Dining

There’s a host of Michelin-starred restaurants in this capital city. Can’t decide which one’s for you? Let us tell you about our favourite 6 and make your decision a little easier.

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Quirky Dutch Dining

Quirky Dutch Dining

Amsterdam is wonderfully weird, that is no secret. Aside from the eccentric museums and galleries, there’s plenty of unusual eateries, too. Try something new in one of these restaurants…

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Flippin’ Good Pancakes


Dutch pancakes are world famous. They have perfected the art and going means you absolutely have to try for yourself.​

Image credit: Tijs Zwinkels​


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