A Herbivore's Paradise

A hub of culture, Holland and Amsterdam in particular have been praised over centuries for demonstrating great feats of progression in social movements. With the booming growth of veganism in the last few years, Amsterdam has made sure they stay relevant with a number of delicious restaurants that cater perfectly to the vegan lifestyle.

Header image credit: Franklin Heijnen

Vegabond Store & Cafe

Vegabond Store & Café

Close to one of Amsterdam’s most famous monuments, Anne Frank’s House, this inviting eatery immediately catches the eye with great panes of glass at the opening of the shop. The natural luminosity of the restaurant draws food bloggers from across the globe as they snap the perfect picture of their tasty treat. The interior is bohemian with a modern twist.

Doubling up as both a vegan store and café, you’ll find all the vegan staples from nutritional yeast to non-dairy milk. The modern concept of veganism is an interesting squeeze into the traditional building. One may typically expect to find bitterballen or herring here, instead of kimchi and coconut yoghurt. Nevertheless, if the PU leather shoe fits, wear it, and Vegabond seem to fit perfectly.

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The Heineken Experience is a favourite stop for tourists in the capital. Well, did you know the popular beer is indeed vegan? Why not stop for a cold one and a tour of the old brewery before a short walk to Mooshka?

The mantra here is definitely all about health. Their food is entirely organic and healthy. However, don’t think you won’t leave absolutely stuffed. Opt for soup or salad if you’re not particularly hungry, or burger and fries if you’re starving. There’s even the more interesting options of Ethiopian flatbread, spicy stew and more. Wash it down with a milkshake or enjoy a side of pancakes before asking for the dessert menu (which you’ll definitely want to do).



Hidden behind Centraal train station, Dophert offers breakfast and deli food. 

It’s ideal for brunch if you’ve just arrived. The coach from the ferry port drops you off right outside the station. 

The breakfast burrito comes highly recommended. If you’re in a hurry to see Amsterdam’s stunning sights, order something to go. 

You’ll even find the classically Dutch bitterballen, veganised!

Image credit: Franklin Heijnen



A more expensive option, this macrobiotic restaurant boasts a GMO free menu. The focus is on nutritious food to benefit the body. This may be a handy option if you enjoyed a few of the cocktails onboard the ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam the night before.

Grains, beans and fresh, seasonal vegetables work on nourishing the body which you can wash down with mu tea or yannoh.

They even deliver, so you can get tasty, healthy food straight to you.

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The fast food veggie stop has 4 locations across Amsterdam, so you’re never too far from delicious Middle Eastern food. 

Though not entirely vegan, the vegan options are clearly labelled. 

Pair your falafel or shawarma with a pitta and some fries, or go for some rice pudding if you fancy a sweet treat. 

You can pick up a fresh juice, too.

Fast food never tasted so slow.

Image credit: Os Rúpias

Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien

Founded in Brussels in 1990, Le Pain Quotidien has officially dug its roots in European soil, with 3 locations in Amsterdam alone.

At the heart of the concept of the restaurant is fresh, home-baked bread, and they definitely deliver. They have an entire section of their menu dedicated to their bakery, with vegan options clearly marked by a carrot symbol. The vegan options include baguette, hazelnut and raisin flûtes and organic sourdough bread. There’s also plenty of options on the rest of the menu. How does banana split sound? Or hummus tartine?

Image credit: Franklin Heijnen​


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