Quirky Dutch Dining

Amsterdam is eclectic, to say the least, so here’s a well-researched list of the weirdest, yet most wonderful, dining experiences you can have in this fantastic capital.

Restaurant de Kas

Restaurant De Kas

This fantastic concept is set in a building dating back 100 years. Set in a giant greenhouse, the customers enjoy food made entirely from the produce grown there. 

The Mediterranean menus are created daily so its going to be one the freshest meals you can enjoy in a restaurant. 

The minimalist design resembles Scandanavian style décor and the brilliant lighting due to it being a glasshouse makes it perfect for pictures.

Image credit: Jacob Bøtter

Panorama Rail Restaurant

Panorama Rail Restaurant

Another blast from the past, this restaurant finds itself in a locomotive over 65 years old. Take a 2 hour 45 minute train journey through Haarlem and Rotterdam while you’re catered for over 4 courses created by the published chef, Julius Jaspers. The intimate setting of the narrow carriages make it perfect for a romantic evening. The ever changing scenery also adds a sprig of variety to the whole experience, very much in accordance with the numerous courses, as if there is one for every city you pass.

Image credit: Frans Berkelaar



Surrender to your senses with Ctaste. The most unusual restaurant on the list, perhaps. You’re asked to dine in total darkness and the food presented to you is a complete surprise. 

The idea is to focus entirely on the sensation of taste, enhancing the flavour of the food. This is a great idea for groups as it makes for a really interesting night out. 

The funky décor, though you won’t really get a chance to see it, fits in perfectly with the eccentric theme of darkness.

Living Room Restaurants

Living Room Restaurants

This is perfectly for any particularly confident readers or anyone travelling alone. Amsterdam’s Living Room Restaurants can be found high and low throughout the city, in all the nooks and crannys, as they simply are restaurants in people’s living rooms. Book a space and dine with total strangers in the comfort of someone’s home. The host will cook for you engage in perhaps some of the most interesting conversation with people you may never meet again.

REM Eiland

REM Eiland

This off-shore platform sits comfortably, though located in the rather tumultuous North Sea, and with a brilliant backstory, too. 

Comandeered in the 1960s as a pirate radio station when it stood much further from the shoreline, it was not until the Dutch authorities regained control months later that it was towed to Amsterdam and eventually became a restaurant.

The maritime and industrial-yet-modern interior suit it’s exterior design perfectly, the owners did well to maintain consistency of style while still being effortlessly cool. 

If you choose your hour of dining well, you could sit on the balcony and watch the sun set.

Image credit: Theasijtsma​



Aptly named, considering you’ll feel closer to space than the ground beneath you, this restaurant is situated on the 19th floor of A’DAM Toren – only opening in 2016, it also houses bars and a rooftop observation point.

The restaurant itself has 360˚ panorama views of the Dutch capital and you actually rotate as you eat. It’s not enough to make you sea sick, just enough so that you don’t begrudge the couple that get in before you and bag the best table as, at Moon, there is no ‘best table’. The menus are lunar-based, too, with options like full moon and total eclipse. To mix it up even more, every 2 months a music-related guest is invited in to ‘remix’ a dish.

Image credit: MOON A’DAM Toren


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