European Motorcycling Events

Europe is an amazing landscape to take your motorbike, with outstanding scenery and lengthy roads to make the trip of a lifetime. There’s also plenty of events on for motorcyclists, from the French Grand Prix to religious festivals. It’s a fantastic example of European diversity.

Header image credit: Box Repsol​

Moto Retro Weize


Belgium takes the reigns in the motorcycling community in February with the Moto Retro Wieze. It’s the largest vintage bike jumble in the country and is fantastic for anyone looking to pick up a classic motorbike.

Image credit: Walter​

February events​

World Superbike Championship


April means it’s Holland’s turn to host the World Superbike Championship on the TT Assen Circuit. The John Bull Rally will also be taking place in Passendale, Belgium, an event ideal for vintage bike fans.

Image credit: Presidio of Monterey

April​ events

Coupes Moto Legende


As it becomes late spring and the sun is really beginning to shine, France and Spain will be hosting their respective Motorcycling Grand Prix events. The Coupes Moto Légende, one of the largest classic motorcycling events in Europe, will also be taking place just outside Dijon.

Image credit: Tony Castley

May events

Wheels & Waves


June sees France’s most hipster biking event: Wheels and Waves, a combination of motorcycling and surfing. There’s also the Dutch Moto GP on the famous TT Assen Circuit as well as a 90 mile charity event in France. You’ll find events in Belgium and Spain, too.

June events

BMW Motorrad


Summer is officially here, and with July comes the German Moto GP and BMW Motorrad event in Germany, both huge events attracting bikers from across the globe. Belgium will be hosting a classic bikes festival, as well as a street racing event in Chimay.

Image credit: Waldemar Merger

July events

World Superbike Championships, Germany


With the warm weather, there’s motorcycling events across the continent in August. France, Holland, Belgium and Germany are all taking part. Germany will be hosting the World Superbike Championship. There’s even religious motorcycling rides!

Image credit: Carlo Piana

August events

Bol d'Or


With only one major motorcycling event in September, the season quietens down before livening back up in October. However, the international endurance competition Bol d’Or in the heart of Provence in France is not one to be missed.

Image credit: Bryn Pinzgauer 

September​ events

World Superbike Championships


October sees two World Superbike Championships take place, as well as the British Superbike Championship, demonstrating Europe’s prominence in the motorcycling community. There’s even a 4 day trip across some of Spain’s most stunning landscapes.

Image credit: 4SR - For Street Racing​

October​ events​

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