Motorcycling in Germany

Germany is a veritable mecca for motorcyclists. And considering it’s just 88 miles to reach this incredible country from our Amsterdam port, it’s perfect for a 2-wheeled touring holiday. Germany is also easily accessible from our ports​ in Dunkirk or Calais via Belgium.

Germany is the home of the Autobahn. It boasts the Alps, the Black Forest, the Nürburg Ring and many of Europe’s most fascinating and scenic roadways. The Germans are in love with the motorcycle, and you will be in enthusiastic and numerous company when travelling on German roads.

Speed limits

Speed limits

In general, there is no speed limit on the German Autobahn. However, many stretches do have a maximum speed and German motorists will obey those maximums rigidly. For stretches without a speed limit, there is an advisory speed of 130 km/h.

Unless you see signs stating otherwise, the maximum speed on German roads, other than Autobahns, is 50 km/h in towns and cities and 100 km/h on country roads.

Closed roads

Closed Roads

Unfortunately, the German obsession with motorcycling has its drawbacks – many regions are visited so often by riders that they are closed to motorcyclists on weekends to avoid congestion. Make sure you check your chosen route is open when you want to ride it. Also, it is unwise to risk riding on these closed roads. The German police are very strict, and punishments for those ignoring the law are severe.



If you are caught travelling more than 30 kilometers above the maximum speed in any area, you are likely to lose your license.

You can also have your bike confiscated or lose your license if your exhaust is too loud. This is enforced strongly in cities such as Berlin, and in regions popular with motorbike riders, such as Eifel.

Lane splitting

Lane splitting

In many European countries, lane splitting - passing between two rows of slow moving or stopped vehicles - is allowed. In Germany, lane splitting is against the law.

If you are spotted lane splitting, you can be sure to pick up a fine. What’s more, German motorists are known for actively trying to prevent motorcyclists from lane splitting.

Great Journeys

If you’d like some inspiration for your Germany motorcycling holiday, take a look at our Great Journeys section​. With over 70 castles and palaces to take-in along the way, our German Castles Route would provide the perfect combination of fairytale scenery and exhilarating riding to even the most experienced motorcyclist.


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