Museums in Germany

Explore art and history, literature and architecture, technology and the natural world in some of Germany’s 6,000+ amazing museums, which will leave you wanting to learn more about this country's rich heritage.

Whether you want to see modern, post-impressionist or early renaissance art, a journey through Germany’s impressive museums will be a unique experience. Visit extraordinary exhibitions in renowned museums in cities like Berlin and Munich or search out the smaller, local museums for something a little different.

Germany is so easy to get to by sailing to one of our ports​ in Calais, Dunkirk or Amsterdam. It’s also convenient to get around on their 8,000 miles of motorway, which stretch right across the country. 

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Museum Island

Museum Island, Berlin

Berlin’s Museum Island is an outstanding work of art in its own right, with a collection of five world-renowned museums which all sit on an island in the River Spree.

This group of museums is made up of the Pergamon Museum, Bode Museum, Neues Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie and the Altes Museum, with its distinct domed roof. All five museums contain extraordinary works of art, including paintings, sculptures, furniture and antiquities. The most famous of the five is probably the Pergamon, which contains the enormous Pergamon Altar believed to date back to the 2nd century BC.

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Pinakotheken, Munich

Munich is home to a unique ensemble of three museums, each highlighting a different period of art history.

Alte Pinakothek is one of the oldest art galleries in the world and houses over 800 European masterpieces. Next door is Neue Pinakothek, which is dedicated to art and sculpture from the 18th to the 20th century. And nearby, the Pinakothek der Moderne is the largest museum for modern art in Germany. Together they house works from some of the most famous artists in the world, including Rubens, da Vinci, Monet, Renoir, Kandinsky, Bacon, and Warhol.

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The Deutsches Museum

The Deutsches Museum, Munich

The Deutsches Museum in Munich is one of the oldest and largest museums of science and technology in the world and sees over 1.5 million visitors every year. The museum hosts interactive exhibitions about science, industrial production, energy, transport, communication and the environment and visitors are encouraged to get stuck in by pushing buttons, turning cranks, and flipping switches as they go. It goes without saying that this is a great museum for children and adults alike.

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Fragrance Museum

Fragrance Museum, Cologne

Perfume lovers can experience the namesake of Cologne at the Fragrance Museum, where guests are taken on a guided tour of the sights and smells that inspired master perfumer Farina to create the original Eau de Cologne. Tourists can also see the distillation and other equipment used in the creation of perfumes, as well as learning the secrets behind the trade.

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