Skiing in Germany, Belgium and Holland

Given that their neighbours France, Switzerland and Austria are so famous for their ski resorts, it can be easy to overlook Holland, Germany and Belgium as destinations, but all 3 countries have their respective merits, including wonderful cross-country ski courses, artificial pistes or more traditional ski resorts.

If you’re planning a tour of ski resorts, looking for an easier course to train on, or just planning on only skiing for part of your trip abroad, then look no further than these Belgian, Dutch or German resorts!

Image credit: Martin Fisch


Garmisch Classic (Germany)

Near to the German border with Austria, Garmisch Classic offers perfect slopes for all abilities, from the famous Kandahar black run to the family-friendly slopes of the Hausberg.

Garmisch Classic is located approximately 9 ½ hours from Dieppe, Calais and Dunkirk and 9 hours from Amsterdam.

Image credit: Jos Dielis


Zugspitze (Germany)

Zugspitze boasts that, as the only glacier skiing in Germany, it offers winter sports for 7 months of the year on its 14 separate descents and 22km of pistes.

By car, Zugspitze is 8 ½ hours from Amsterdam, 9 hours from Dunkirk and 9 ½ hours from Calais and Dieppe.

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Hautes Fagnes

Hautes Fagnes (Belgium)

The Hautes Fagnes, or High Fens, has a great range of cross-country routes with many different trails to explore across the beautiful region that sits right on the edge of the Ardennes Forest.

Sail from the UK and it’s 4 ½ hours from Dieppe, 3 ½ hours from Calais and Dunkirk and just 3 hours from Amsterdam.

Image credit: Stephane Mignon

Baraque de Fraiture

Baraque de Fraiture (Belgium)

This is one of the most popular destinations for skiing holidays in Belgium with a summit of over 600 metres. It’s best suited to intermediate level skiers who can take on the fast descents.

It’s located just 4 hours’ drive from Dieppe and 3 hours from Calais, Dunkirk and Amsterdam.

Image credit: Vander Didier

SnowWorld Landgraaf

SnowWorld Landgraaf (Holland)

SnowWorld Landgraaf is in the Limburg province near the German border and features the largest indoor slope in the world. Driving there takes just 2 and a half hours from Amsterdam, 3 hours from Dunkirk, 3 and a half hours from Calais and 4 and a half hours from Dieppe.

Image credit: Snow World

De Uithoff

De Uithoff (Holland)

De Uithoff in The Hague has an indoor slope that’s 225 metres long with four lifts. The temperature is kept at a permanent -7 degrees Celsius to keep the snow in the very best condition at all times. It’s just 1 ½ hours from Amsterdam, 3 hours from Dunkirk and Calais and under 5 hours from Dieppe.

Image credit: Peter James​​


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